North Yorkshire could be moved to Tier 2 restrictions to mirror rest of Yorkshire

North Yorkshire could be moved into the “high” risk Tier 2 restrictions so that it mirrors the rest of Yorkshire, it has been revealed.

Dr Lincoln Sargeant, North Yorkshire’s director of public health, said today that having all of Yorkshire and the Humber in the same Tier would make it easier for people to understand.

West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and York are all currently in Tier 2 restrictions whereas North Yorkshire, East Riding and Hull are Tier 1.

North Yorkshire’s seven-day rolling infection rate is 129.0, well below the average for England which stands at 157.

Dr Sargeant told a meeting of the North Yorkshire Outbreak Management Advisory Board today that moving all of Yorkshire to the same restrictions would help stop outbreaks in care homes and end confusion.

He said: “There is an active discussion going on about whether Yorkshire and Humber, particularly those of us in the Yorkshire Coast and Vale area should move together into Tier 2.

“There is certainly discussion both from a public health point of view but also soundings from a political point of view as to how we move.

“There some reasons for moving together. One is around consistency, there has been quite a number of questions around issues with borders, particularly in North Yorkshire as around us we have areas in Tier 2 [and] people do travel to work across the border.

“There is also concern around the potential impact on the care home sector, on infections translation into cases impacting on the older and more vulnerable population.

“So there is an argument for all of us [to move into Tier 2] as I think it didn’t take very long for York [to move up].

“For York, I think the student population there would have been a factor but some of the Humber, particularly the South Bank of the Humber, their rates have taken off quickly. Hull, which currently has the lowest seven-day rate, is beginning to see major care home outbreaks.

“So there is some argument for moving into more restrictions.

“Clearly the trade-off there is about the hospitality sector, the impact on the reputation of North Yorkshire and to what extent do we have strong evidence that the Tier 2 restrictions, and there is reasonable evidence, will slow the rise in the rate of cases and how sustainable that is and over what period the restrictions will need to be maintained is also an issue.”

Dr Sargeant said that hospitality and leisure are “vital” to North Yorkshire’s economy and would be considered in any decision.

In Tier 2 restrictions households are banned from mixing indoors and care home visits are restricted to “exceptional” cases.

No date was given for when any potential changes to the tiers in the county could be made.


  1. I think this is ridiculous for those of us in the dales where there are hardly any cases.

  2. Ridiculous. Scarborough is managing much better than York and Leeds. You will also cripple the economy. Protect the vulnerable, leave the rest of us alone.

  3. Agree with Austin Orton. WE know where we live and we know how to behave. We do not wish to be lumped in with the rest of Yorkshire.

  4. I agree with Austin! I’m not confused, it’s not difficult to understand, we are miles from Hull anyway. I thought the point of local health watchdogs was to respond to localalised need
    If we keep going like this they might as well have a full nation lockdown. Then they don’t have to make any hard decisions.

  5. The most illogical argument produced to date. Increase restrictions in a low risk area and damage even more livelihoods just because people allegedly don’t understand the rules?.Absolute nonsense

  6. Unbelievable suggestion & rationale. This will destroy the Yorkshire Dales tourism & hospitality industry totally unnecessarily. Visitors are still coming to the Dales, currently an oasis to help their mind body & soul knowing it is such low virus – the lowest in North Yorkshire. What don’t these so called experts understand about reviewing & managing virus outbreak LOCALLY, by region!

  7. If you’re confused by the number 6, can’t tell the difference between indoors and outdoors or a garden even, and can’t figure out who you actually live with – then frankly there’s no hope for you. It isn’t confusing really. When will people who think it’s absolutely crucial to their existence to go inside to a pub / cafe / gym / salon actually realise that’s why they lost their job or killed their friend / relative.

  8. Saving lives is the most important thing.
    It would be fearful to not be allowed to visit elderly relatives in care homes.
    Hoping the decision made will be the best one anyone could now make in such difficult circumstances .
    We all must be very ready to do the best thing to try save as many lives as possible. I cannot though state that I know which is the best thing to actually do. I will pray about this,and for everyone involved and who may be suffering or going to suffer in any way.

  9. Ludicrous The only reason York is tier two anyway is the university Take York down to tier one leave the rest of us in north and east yorks in tier one Medics are running the government businesses are folding

  10. Care home visits have not been allowed for some time even before the tier system was introduced. Facts and truths seem in short supply in the news these days

  11. I live in Whitby and why should we be put into tier 2 because of ignorant visitors,the locals are doing amazingly well sticking to the rules.But we are finding that the majority of visitors are acting like Whitby is a CoVid free zone and they will be safe without wearing masks.

  12. If the do so it, as we are in one of the lowest areas for made up positive results. I will not comply. If I think its necessary not to catch what ever it is then I will choose to stay in. Its called common sense. Nobody dictates to me what I can and cannot do. I do not recognise this government and Boris Johnson is not my prime minister

  13. Does anyone believe the government knows what it is doing? Matt Hancock comes across as weak. Then you have the issue with Cummings & the SNP MP. There is no trust in our leaders. One rule for them another for us.

  14. Absolutely ridiculous comments by Dr Lincoln Sergeant. The infection is in the cities of this country not the rural areas. The next thing is he will be asking to close the whole country as “it will be less confusing “. For elderly patients. If this happens there will be riots on the streets of this country.

  15. Why when Tier 1 areas are at the lowest do the authorities need to stick their oars in and place further restrictions on North Yorkshire etc into Tier 2 when NY has the lowest reinfection rate … Agenda 21 springs to mind

  16. We are not thick. WE understand what can and cannot be done. Convenience is not necessity. Just do your job properly

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