North Yorkshire County Council to launch coronavirus emergency helpline

Photo: Alan Levine.

North Yorkshire County Council is to launch an emergency helpline for those who have nobody to turn to during the coronavirus outbreak.

From Monday, residents who have nobody and find themselves in desperate need of help can call 01609 780780.

The call handler will then will point the caller to the right place for support and ensure they are provided with the care they need.

However, council bosses have stressed that residents first turn to people around them for help, including family, friends and neighbours, so that officers can find and help those most vulnerable and at risk.

In a new briefing being launched by the county council. chief executive Richard Flinton said: “We know that people across the county will want to help their communities and we’re encouraging everyone to look out for anyone in their immediate area who might need help, whilst also keeping social distancing advice in mind.

“Although we need to be careful about physical contact, offering to call your neighbour who can’t get out so they have someone to chat to on the phone could make all the difference.

“We are taking a leading role with other local authorities up and down the county to ensure we help shield people who may be more vulnerable, such as those with underlying medical conditions as well as people over 70, who are self-isolating, over the coming weeks and months.

“In addition to this, our stronger communities team are working with district and borough councils and volunteers to help people understand how they can get the help they need.

Our advice to anyone self-isolating is to firstly ask yourself:

  • Do I have family, friends or a neighbour who I can call?
  • Are you a member of a local club or church group?

“If so, they may have volunteers in your neighbourhood who are offering to help with things like shopping or looking after pets.

“For anyone who may not have this immediate support; we are encouraging them to contact one of our trusted voluntary organisations.

“We are working with our community partners across the whole county to ensure that local support will be available for anyone who needs it so that no-one is left alone.”

Community support information is now live on the county council’s website at