North Yorkshire police commissioner to face fresh allegations over conduct

North Yorkshire's police and crime commissioner Julia Mulligan.

North Yorkshire’s police commissioner is set to face a fresh set of allegations over her conduct, it has emerged.

Members of North Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Panel are set to meet next week to consider complaints levelled towards the county’s elected Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan.

While part of the complaint relates to the commissioner’s alleged behaviour towards a member of her staff, the claims also relate to Mrs Mulligan’s response to a report by one of her officials.

It is understood the latter allegations have already been examined by the Independent Office for Police Conduct, but as there was no evidence of a criminal offence, it has been referred back to the panel.

The complaints follow Mrs Mulligan expressing shock at the panel finding she needed to address her treatment of staff and agreeing to receive support from the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners.

The hearing also follows the House of Lords being told of concerns that Mrs Mulligan had been allowed to take over the county’s fire and rescue service while facing further charges of bullying.

In a savage attack, Baroness Harris of Richmond told peers that no one she had spoken to thought Mrs Mulligan was “a fit and proper person to undertake such a responsibility”.

Baroness Harris, a former Mayor of Richmond who led the North Yorkshire Police Authority from 1994 to 2001, said: “She treats people who disagree with her with utter contempt.

“Until this Police and Crime Commissioner can understand that leadership means listening to people and taking them with her, rather than bullying them, she is not suitable to hold such a vital office.”

Mrs Mulligan’s office declined to comment on the latest hearing, stating it did not want to affect the Police and Crime Panel process.

Supporters of the commissioner have claimed the complaint is a politically-motivated attempt to discredit her.

The panel’s findings are expected to be published next month.

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