North Yorkshire Police issue scam phone call warning

North Yorkshire Police are urging people to put the phone down on a recent telephone scam where the suspect claims to be from the emergency services.

In the past two days, the force said it had received four reports from people who have received fake calls from someone claiming to represent the emergency services asking them to attend their local police station.

A spokesperson said: “If you receive a call from someone claiming to be the police, it can be hard to say no and refuse their requests.

“But criminals take advantage of this, by impersonating police officers and exploiting people’s trust.

“If you’re unsure about whether the person you’re dealing with is a genuine police officer – STOP – and call us on 101 to check their identity.

“We recommend you wait at least five minutes or call on a different phone to ensure the scammer is not still on the line.”

More information about checking a police officer’s identity can be found here: How to check an officer’s identity | North Yorkshire Police


  1. How about asking the scammer for their phone number and keeping them on the line for as long as possible so they can’t be ringing anyone else during that time? Or pretending you have a hearing problem and asking them to hold on while you get your husband/wife/neighbour? Or turn the radio off/let the dog out/answer the door?
    However apart from wasting your time, what is the scam part of the operation? I think we should be told!

    • Sometimes it will be you paying for the call. They are very tech savvy and once you answer the call the service provider gives them a % of the total, keeping you on the phone benefits them. M

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