North Yorkshire Police warn of adult site blackmail scam

North Yorkshire Police have urged internet users not to pay scammers who claim they have recorded their activities on adult websites.

Police say cybercrime reporting centre Action Fraud has warned them about a scam which has been reported in the county.

The victim receives an email claiming that their computer has been hacked and that the hacker has been monitoring the victim’s online activity.

According to police, they will claim the victim has been visiting adult sites.

The scammer will then state that unless payment is made, usually in Bitcoin, the victim’s activities will be circulated on social media, while the victim’s computer will be erased.

The force said the emails were causing significant concern to the recipients.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police’s cybercrime unit said: “Unfortunately there is very little a person can do to block these emails as the suspects are constantly changing the origin accounts that the emails are coming from.

“In the latest versions they are making it appear as though it is originating from the victim’s own account.

“The main thing is not to panic and do not make any payment to these scammers.”

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