North Yorkshire Police recruiting special constables in Richmondshire

Richmond Special Sergeant Nadine Slattery.

North Yorkshire Police is recruiting special constables in Richmondshire.

The force’s Special Constabulary is made up of those who have careers in another sector but enjoy being a special in their own spare time.

Others have ambitions to become a regular police officer and would like to gain the best experience and skills they can, while some simply want to give something back to their communities.

Nadine Slattery, who is based in Richmond, joined the North Yorkshire Special Constabulary in November 2009 and now holds the rank of special sergeant.

Nadine said: “I joined in order to gain experience in policing, with a goal to join full-time in the years that followed. However, I enjoyed the work life balance of being a Special Constable so much I never took the step to applying.

“On my first day as a special I remember being very nervous and very excited all at once. Getting into a police van and going on my first blue light run seemed so surreal.

“The PCs I worked with were so welcoming and supported me from start to finish. Those officers are still my friends today. We continue to work together and I still learn something from cthem every shift.

“Special Constables can work with specialist teams and departments just like regular PCs. From duties with traffic, the dog unit, cybercrime and the operational support unit. We are not just used to guard scenes or patrol village fetes.”

Special Chief Officer Sharron Moverley-Holmes said: “We are passionate about promoting diversity within our workforce. We have a fantastic Positive Action team to help those who may need assistance and confidence to begin their journey with us.

“Equally, it is very important for us to know our communities in North Yorkshire are represented within our workforce to help bridge relationships, making our communities stronger.

“Our Special Constable role can be a fantastic stepping stone into the police force. As a voluntary constable you will be trained to perform the same duties as a regular police officer. The difference is, you can do your hours to work around your other commitments.”

Special Constables have to commit to working four hours per week.

If you are interested in becoming a Special Constable, please go to