Northallerton Magistrates’ Court set to close

Northallerton Magistrates' Court.

The Government has announced plans to close Northallerton Magistrates’ Court.

A consultation has been launched on the plan.

The Ministry of Justice has published a consultation document which proposes to close Northallerton Magistrates’ Court and transfer the work to York, Harrogate, Skipton and Teesside. 

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Richmond MP Rishi Sunak is ti meet Justice Minister Lucy Frazer to discuss the proposals.

Mr Sunak said he wanted to question the Minister about the impact on travel times for defendants, witnesses and victims required to attend court. 

He would also ask about the future of the court staff affected. 

He said: “I have some concerns about some of the practicalities for my constituents who might be expected to travel to York, Harrogate, Skipton or Middlesbrough by public transport for a court hearing at 10am and also some of the data which appears to be wrong.” 

Mr Sunak said he also wanted to know why Darlington Magistrates’ Court had not been listed as an alternative court for hearing cases from the most northern part of the constituency. 

Mr Sunak will meet Ms Frazer later this month. 

To view the consultation click here.

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  1. So sick and tired about everything to do with North yorkshire being moved,i want to know WHY everything is being moved from here.The way things r going we will have NO hospital NO law courts and NO bus services (which to outlying districts are practically defunct anyway)Places like HAWS having to take over the running of things there and Richmond council the most money grubbing lot ever have plenty of grit but don’t use it to help their people…NEVER have i been as DISGUSTED as i am at the moment with the way things are being done!

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