Nursery worker takes on charity challenge despite arthritis

Sara Braund with children and staff from Welcome Nurseries Catterick.

A children’s nursery worker living with arthritis has taken on a charity challenge.

Sara Braund, 32, from Richmond, is walking 10,000 steps every day in June to raise money and awareness for the charity Versus Arthritis.

Last week, she was also joined by children and colleagues from Welcome Nurseries Catterick for a sponsored toddle.

So far, Sara has raised more than £850.

She said: “To some 10,000 steps may not sound a lot but I recently had a flare up of my psoriatic arthritis.

“My manager Kim Sutton also said to me why don’t we try raise money for the cause, and she suggested doing a sponsored toddle with the children and for the money go to my fundraiser.

“The parents have all been so supportive. We set up a little obstacle course for the children in the car park and then they all got a cupcake and ice pops and certificates afterwards — they all did amazing.”

Mum-of-two Sara said she started getting  knee pain when she was 15.

“Shortly after I got diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and have been on many medications since.

“Once I found the the right type of medication I was lucky in that over the years I’ve only had the odd flare up.

“I’ve worked in childcare all my adult life, but unfortunately I have made the decision to leave my job as my recent flare has made me realise I’ve been pushing my joints to the limits with my knees being the main issue getting up and down off the floor constantly is just too hard.

“Looking to the future, I’m hoping to retrain in a different area of work, although I’m so grateful to my manager who has been so understanding and supportive and of course my family and friends.”