Oak tree planted to celebrate coronation of King Charles III

Tad Zaranko, John Moore and Ian Mains with the Royal Oak.

A Richmondshire community has planted an oak tree on their village green to celebrate the forthcoming coronation of King Charles III on May 6.

The tree forms part of a project to enhance the biodiversity of the parish oh Whaston.

The activity has also included planting several hundred mixed bulbs, fruit trees, shrubs and locating bird nesting boxes around the green.

Ian Mains, chair of the parish meeting, said: “Although we are a small community, we’re delighted to be able to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III.

“We’re also very conscious of the need to protect our environment for future generations to enjoy.

“We are extremely grateful for the generous support provided by Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, through the Roger Stott Community Grants Programme.”

Sally Zaranko, clerk to the parish meeting, said: “All of this activity will increase the beauty of our village, which will be enjoyed by both residents and the numerous visitors that walk the many and varied paths through the surrounding delightful countryside, and also help to increase biodiversity and habitat regeneration.

“We are hoping that this is the start of a bigger Holmedale project to connect the villages with pollinator routes along footpaths in the Dale.

“We’re also grateful to Jan Hoyland, a highly experienced horticulturalist for her advice and support.”

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  1. The monarchy is an outdated institution and should be replaced by a republic – a genuinely democratic one with Proportional Representation. Charles III is even more of a mistake than Charles II was.

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