OBE for North Yorkshire Council leader Carl Les

Cllr Carl Les, leader of North Yorkshire Council, and Richard Flinton, Chief Executive of North Yorkshire Council hold the draft devolution deal in August 2022 when they were leader and Chief Executive of the former North Yorkshire County Council.

The leader of North Yorkshire Council is to receive an OBE in the New Year’s Honours List.

Cllr Carl Les became leader of North Yorkshire County Council in 2015 and has since led the local government reorganisation in the county, during which the eight former councils providing public services in North Yorkshire, became one.

He has represented the Catterick area for more than 20 years.

Cllr Les said he was proud to serve the county and its people but he hasn’t done this alone.

“Like many endeavours you can only achieve the best for people and businesses in local government through team effort.

“Whilst I am delighted, though humbled, to receive such an award I see it as a reflection of the teams I have had the privilege to lead.

“I am every bit as honoured to have worked with such committed and hardworking elected members and officers at the former county council and the new unitary, North Yorkshire Council.

“Through our collective efforts and strong partnership working across York and North Yorkshire we have achieved the unprecedented, landing single council status alongside a devolution deal.

“Together these are a game-changer for our region. Presenting us with the best possible opportunity to protect the most valued and essential public services for our residents, while unleashing the local powers and funds which will drive economic growth and deliver better job opportunities for people and businesses here.”

Cllr Les has been a member of the North Yorkshire Police Authority for 15 years and now chairs the Police and Crime Panel.

Apart from being a councillor he brings his professional business experience from working in the tourism sector.

Following his graduation, Carl worked and managed the family business before selling it and retiring in 2014. Alongside his business and council activity he was always active in the community being a school governor and trustee, a Chair of North Yorkshire Youth and Chair of a geographically expanding CAB service.

He is also a volunteer director and presently interim chairman of Wensleydale Railway plc.

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  1. Congratulations to Carl Les on his award for over forty years of service to the community at all levels in North Yorkshire. As a successful businessman, it is the good fortune of local residents that someone with experience and knowledge of modern business has been able to advise and impart his knowledge to the administration in our area.

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