Obscene graffiti appears on fence at new Scotch Corner development

Obscene graffiti aimed at Prime Minister and Richmond MP Rishi Sunak has appeared in the district.

The graffiti was daubed on the fence at the site of the Scotch Corner Designer Village.

It stated: “Rishi Sunak is a rat-faced c**t.”

It is understood the graffiti was painted on the fence on Thursday night but has already been painted over by contractors at the site.

It comes amid a challenging week for the Prime Minister with widespread public sector strikes and criticism of the Government’s allocation of millions of Levelling Up funding.

The Government has pledged £19m towards the redevelopment of Catterick Garrison town centre, with critics saying the district only received the money because Mr Sunak is its MP.

The Prime Minister is also facing the possibility of a police investigation after a video was published on his Instagram account of him not wearing a seatbelt in a moving vehicle.

The politician admitted a “brief error of judgement” after appearing beltless in a clip as he promoted his levelling-up funding in Lancashire.


  1. Should you give this graffiti the oxygen of publicity. ? You have helped criminals to spread their obscene message

    • Yes. Everyone should know about this because it’s completely correct and reflects the anger and frustration people feel about this bunch of corrupt corporate vandalists in government.

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