Occupant suffers burns after candle sets fire to beam

A householder suffered burns to their legs after a fire on Christmas Eve.

Crews were called to Frenchgate in Richmond at about 11.20pm.

Crews from Richmond and Colburn responded to reports of a fire at a residential premises.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “The fire involved a candle which had been hanging from a wooden beam near the ceiling.

“The occupier extinguished the fire prior to our arrival but consequently suffered burns to their legs.

“Crews inspected the property to ensure it was safe and removed parts of the ceiling using small tools, as the fire had spread to the plaster boards.”

A thermal imaging camera and a bucket of water were also used.

The spokesperson added: “If you’re using candles please do be sensible on the location of them.

“Never place candles or tealights directly on to plastic surfaces.

“Never leave candles burning.

“You should extinguish candles before you leave a room and never go to sleep with a candle still burning.”


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  2. For the amount of council tax we already pay there should be no charges at all for garden waste collections. The council makes money selling the product for gardeners anyway.

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