Officials examine Catterick Garrison contaminated water claims

Company bosses are looking at why residents were told the water supply in Catterick Garrison was contaminated.

Residents of the town whose water supply is managed by Severn Trent Business Services were told over the phone on Friday night by staff working for CarillionAmey that the water was not fit to drink and people should only use bottled water.

However, although a complaint had been made by a resident to CarrillionAmey about the water quality, tests carried out that night showed that the water was not contaminated.

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The incorrect information passed by the CarllionAmey call centre caused considerable alarm and resulted in people buying bottled water in bulk from Tesco.

CarillionAmey said in a statement issued to Richmondshire Today: “We provide housing maintenance to occupants living in military housing, but do not manage the water supply.

“On Friday night a customer contacted us to raise concerns about the water supply at Catterick Garrison.

“We passed the issue to Severn Trent Business Services (the water supplier) who commissioned several tests and confirmed that there were no abnormalities and issued a statement to reassure customers.

“We treat all customer concerns about health and safety as a priority and are working closely with Severn Trent Business Services to identify any lessons learned.”

A Severn Trent Business Services spokesperson added: “Our Severn Trent Business Services team was called by CarillionAmey on Friday evening to take some water samples at Catterick Garrison.

“We immediately carried out several tests across the site and none of them showed any abnormalities with the water supply. All the subsequent tests we have taken have also come back clear.

“We therefore don’t have anything to suggest that there is anything is wrong with the quality of the water across the site.

“We are now working closely with CarillionAmey – who manage the estate – to look into the sequence of events that evening and identify any lessons learned.”

Several people reported feeling ill after drinking the water in Catterick Garrison.

Other suggested their pets were unwell after drinking tap water.