Online paedophile hunters confront man in Richmondshire village

A clip from the footage of the man being taken away by police. Image: 365 Hunters.

So-called paedophile hunters confronted a man they claimed had engaged in vile on-line chats with an adult pretending to be a child today.

Members of 365 Hunters filmed live in the village of Ravensworth this morning to a man they said had engaged in sexual conversations with a decoy who told him she was a 12-year-old girl.

The young man appeared visibly upset as he spoke to the so-called paedophile hunters outside his home while being comforted by his father.

At one point he looked like he was going to faint.

Asked by members of the group if he remembered having the conversations with the ‘girl’, the man said “yeah, but I didn’t think it was real”.

They also asked the man about images of himself that he sent the decoy.

The video then shows police arriving and arresting the suspect before taking him away in a police van.

The footage of the confrontation has been watched by thousands of Facebook users.

Richmondshire Today has contacted North Yorkshire Police for comment.

The force has previously urged the public not to hunt online paedophiles through vigilante groups.







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  1. They should be prosecuted for harassment – the ‘vigilantes’ I mean, before there’s another incident such as that of the murder of an innocent woman because illiterate ‘vigilantes’ didn’t know the meaning of ‘paediatrician’.

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