Outspoken Richmondshire columnist reveals bankruptcy woe

Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones.

Outspoken Mail on Sunday columnist and Richmondshire resident Liz Jones has revealed she had been declared bankrupt.

In a strikingly frank article published online on New Year’s Eve, the journalist, who moved from north London to Swaledale, told how in 2017 she gave up her car, lost her house, her pony, her dog, her cat and her man.

In the article which you can read in full here, the columnist says she now has a personal grooming allowance of just £20 a month.

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“Let’s just say I’m not looking good,” she adds.

She tells readers, however, that she has not been broken by her experiences over the last 12 months and has resisted the temptation to take antidepressants.

In 2016, the columnist angered some residents of Richmondshire when she complained about, among other things, people shooting rabbits, there not being a Waitrose in the district and that she couldn’t find anywhere to buy tofu or expensive shower gel.

She went on to describe country life as “sexist and cruel” adding that in order to survive you need “a family, a husband, pots of money, and high stone walls”.