Overhead power cables to be refurbished, Wensleydale parish council hears

Wires in Thoralby. Photo: Pip Pointon.

The low voltage overhead line in Thoralby will be refurbished by Northern  Power Grid, Aysgarth and District Parish Council was informed at its meeting on January 14.

In early 2019 the Thoralby councillors had walked through the village with representatives of Northern Power Grid to discuss what could be done to reduce the telegraph poles and cables which were blighting the area.

Northern Power  Grid’s programme manager has now informed the parish council that a scheme has been raised and financially authorised for the refurbishment.

Drainage scheme. –  Cllr Sandra Wilman had provided two quotes for the proposed parish drainage works in Thoralby. Most of the funding will come from the Thoralby Moss account. The clerk will also apply for a grant from the county council’s Locality Fund.

As it is likely there will not be a parish meeting in Thoralby in March due to Covid-19 restrictions, residents will be consulted by flyer  as the parish council will need confirmation in writing to make a payment from the Thoralby Moss bank account.

Cllr John Dinsdale informed the parish council that the Natural England Higher Level Stewardship agreement for Thoralby Moss due to expire this year will be rolled over pending the new scheme being introduced.

Bishopdale Bridge. –  North Yorks County councillor Yvonne Peacock said that as the repair work on the bridge would be a capital programme for county council’s highways department it would take time before this was undertaken.

“This does need a long-term solution but highways has a very long list of jobs to do,” she said.

Cllr Windle reminded the parish council that a few years ago it had discussed straightening the road and rebuilding the bridge. The clerk was asked to contact Highways to ask if this would be considered again as the parish council felt it was the only way to stop lorries damaging the bridge.

Highways. – Councillors reported that a culvert along the road from Cross Lanes to Newbiggin village was blocked and that bushes along the road from Thornton  Rust to Cubeck needed to be trimmed back.

Following the painting of white lines through Aysgarth the parish council was interested to learn what road safety issues had occurred in the village which supported such draconian measures.

Aysgarth. – The parish council agreed to inform the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority that it maintained its objection to the planning application to create a parking space at 1 Yore Mills near Aysgarth Falls by the removal of post and chain fencing and the alteration of the existing timber fence.

It doesn’t want any restriction to public actions but would be satisfied if there was a clear definition and statement of purpose. It stated that the retention of a short length of fencing was reasonable but the actual length and height should be defined.

The parish council would also like to see a statement that there is a well-established public right of access across that area before the application was approved.

Maintenance work. – The maintenance of benches and other work in the villages were discussed. It was agreed that Cllrs Dinsdale and Peter Windle would obtain estimates and quotes which will be discussed at the meeting in February.

Next meeting. –  Will be at 7.30pm on February 18 and maybe by Skype depending on the Covid-19 regulations.