Parents make bullying claim over new Richmond School uniform policy

Richmond School.

Richmond School says 99 per cent of pupils are now wearing the new school uniform — but parents have accused the school of “bullying” pupils into the clothing.

Skirts and trousers with the school logo on have become compulsory from the start of the current term.

Pupils not wearing the correct uniform are now facing detentions and being placed in isolation.

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However, some parents have refused to buy the new uniform and have sent their children to school in uniform without the logos on, which can be bought for less than half the price at some supermarkets.

Parent have told Richmondshire Today they are unhappy with the quality and sizing of the new trousers in particular.

The school has now purchased uniform and is supplying to children not in the correct clothing, with pupils being told to change into the uniform in the toilets.

This move has angered some parents who say they have specifically told the school they do not want their children wearing the clothing.

One parent said her son had been told he would be placed in isolation everyday he was not wearing the correct trousers.

She said: “I’ve told them this is bullying and harassment.

“To have two men standing over them and telling them they will be isolated if they don’t go to the toilet and change is disgusting.”

The parent said her son had called her begging to come home.

Other parents have told how their children have also been placed in isolation this week for not wearing the correct uniform.

Parents have complained to the school governors about the situation and have also contacted Oftsed and Richmond MP Rishi Sunak.

In response to the criticism, headteacher Jenna Potter said 99 per cent of students were now wearing the new trousers and skirts.

She added: “They look very smart and both staff and visitors have commented on the dramatic improvement in the students’ appearance.

“Critically this now means we do not need to address ongoing uniform issues, which used to be  stressful for students, parents and staff.

“Our aim is to ensure as many positive and learning/achievement -focused conversations as possible.

“If a student is not wearing the correct uniform, school has loaned this or will purchase the uniform in cases of hardship. Students are asked to change in private as you would expect.”

The new trousers cost between £15 and £18.50, while the skirts are being sold for between £12.50 and £17.

There is also a delivery charge of £3.95 on all orders under £47.