Parents warned about dangerous parking outside Catterick Garrison school

Police in Catterick Garrison have warned parents about parking dangerously and inconsiderably outside schools in the town.

Officers say they have received a number of reports relating to vehicles being parked at school drop off and collection times on pavements or stopping on the zig-zag and double yellow line markings.

A spokesperson for Richmondshire neighbourhood policing team said: “The road markings are there to protect pedestrians, especially young people and parking wholly on the pavement, forces them out onto the road at a clearly busy time of the day.

“Young people may enter the road without warning or consideration of the consequences of their actions.

“Motorists need the opportunity to have a clear view in these locations and the opportunity to anticipate or react without the young person suddenly emerging into view from behind a parked vehicle.”

They added: “Please consider viewing road markings as ‘more paint, more danger’ and allow enough room for pedestrians to have safe passage along the footpaths.

“Help us to keep the young people safe by stopping or parking responsibly.

“Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.”


  1. The same problem exists at Richmond schools with cars parked on footpaths,on a continual bend causing an obstruction,and has done for many years but nothing is ever done about it. Is the advice given in the highway code a joke or should it be used to make people respect the rights of other road users and pedestrians. Must someone be killed or seriously injured before something is done about it.

  2. Simple… Policing & Prosecution is the answer, the Laws are already in place governing this poor, irresponsible and illegal behaviour, enforcement is the solution use it! But no doubt a Parking Prosecution group with a funding page mission would be established to challenge any Prosecutions by the perpetrators! Why not just be responsible, follow the rules and be less selfish far to simpler a solution!!!

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