Parish council raises concerns about campsite near Aysgarth Falls

Campers at Wensleydale Camping at Aysgarth Falls.

Frustration was voiced at the Carperby cum Thoresby Parish Council meeting that the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority had not taken any action about a campsite at Manor Grange which does not have planning permission.

Councillors said they felt this demonstrated an uneven approach by the authority to enforcement action in the area.

The meeting heard that that some residents strongly opposed the campsite, called Wensleydale Camping at Aysgarth Falls, which offers a wild camping experience, because the owners had not sought any approvals for it.

Councillors were told there was no appropriate sanitation, fires were being lit in the woodland area and there was burning of waste.

It was also stated that the camp had no official car park and campsite users are parking all over a grassy area.

Further concern was expressed because of the increase of traffic along Low Lane, a single track road.

The parish council viewed evidence that Manor Grange had this year exceeded its 56 days as a temporary pop up camping site and did not have planning approval.

It was agreed to ask the YDNPA what course of action it would now take.

It had been informed by the YDNPA that any photographic evidence provided by residents must be date stamped and matched up with a calendar of dates.

It was agreed that the chairman, Richmondshire District Councillor John Amsden, should request another meeting with the YDNPA concerning the unlicensed campsite.

Richmondshire Today has spoken to Ann Kiely, owner of the campsite, who said she disagreed with many of the points made at the meeting

She said she had applied for a lawful development certificate from YDNPA and this process was ongoing, although had been delayed due to the pandemic.

Mrs Kiely said she would respond at a later date to the criticisms made at the meeting.