Parking problems continue in Dales village, parish council hears

Askrigg. Photo: Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

Parking in Askrigg continues to be a problem and a solution needs to be found, Askrigg and Low Abbotside Parish Council agreed at its meeting on March 2.

The council heard that the old car outside Skeldale House was still a problem due to the shortage of parking spaces and also for the safety of those driving through the village.

Mike Wright provided written and photographic evidence collected over several years of the parking problem on the square in the middle of the village. He said there was enough space on the square for eight vehicles if people parked correctly.

Snow signs. – Cllr Allen Kirkbride reported that no snow signs had been placed at Crow Trees and he had used a tractor to pull three cars out of the snow over Askrigg Common.

He said there had also been no diversion signs when the new flood warning signs on the A684 in Wensleydale were in use.

Highways. – North Yorkshire County councillor Yvonne Peacock informed the meeting that an order for works had been submitted to the county council to repair the dangerous road between Nappa and Woodhall.

She confirmed that grant monies had been approved for signage and highways safety near to the Carrs Billington depot and it was up to the parish council to decide what needed to be done.

It was reported that overhanging trees were causing problems at Newstead and Beck Bits. The clerk was asked to inform the county council’s highways department.

Cemeteries. – The Rev David Clark informed the council that it was believed the Middle Cemetery  next to the church  was full but there were no historical records to confirm this. Cllr Peacock said she would make some enquiries.

Letters had been received from people who had relatives in the Firs Cemetery as they were concerned about the top part of it. The chairman, Cllr Bruce Fawcett, said work would be carried out when the next “tidy up” was due.

The clerk asked for a list of sites which require grass cutting so that she could advertise the vacancy.

Playground. –  Cllr Kirkbridge reported  he had collected 15 bags of leaves and other litter from the playground. He said a few repairs were needed to some of the equipment but the recent inspection suggested that none of the work was urgent.

Low Mill. – The council heard that the recruitment of instructors to meet demand remained a challenge. Low Mill was about to create and recruit for the new role of Visitor Experience Coordinator.

It was in the process of re-launching the bursary fund and had received a donation of £50 towards this. It was also looking for qualified minibus drivers.

Little White Bus. – Ruth Annison informed the council about the proposed changes to the 156 Hawes to Leyburn bus route. She said she would provide the council with a written report.

West Leigh. – Mick and Joanne Wright requested an explanation from the council regarding the comments made about West Leigh.

Cllr Kirkbride said he had concerns about the refurbishment as the house was in a conservation area.  Mr Wright said the work had been carried out in keeping with the architecture in the village. Cllr Fawcett acknowledged that the work which had been carried out was good.

Parish council – The councillors were told that they would all have to stand for election in May.

The next parish council meeting will be in the back room of the village hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday May 11.


  1. What about the speeding? It’s like a race track from school to the bottom of the village.
    The parking in the village does at least slow cars up.
    Forgive me if I’m wrong but I thought it was illegal to park on a footpath, how a disabled person or a pushchair copes is madness.

    • Wholeheartedly agree. Far too much speeding. 20 limit should be set & enforced on a regular basis. Parking on pavements is ubiquitous & selfish.

      Rather than attempting to shoehorn more cars into Market Place, we should provide more parking on the outskirts & put down double yellow lines. Or should we remove the water pump & cross, so we can cram a couple more mega SUV’s in? That make the place look much better. Not.

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