Partnership to tackle under-age drinking in Richmondshire launched by commissioner

A screenshot from the launch event.

A partnership which aims to tackle underage drinking and alcohol-related crime in Richmondshire has been launched by North Yorkshire’s police, fire and crime commissioner.

Philip Allott is backing the third such initiative in North Yorkshire following similar Community Alcohol Partnerships in York and Scarborough.

The scheme brings together North Yorkshire Police, schools, retailers, community groups, councils and health services and aims to inform, educate and enforce to reduce the number of young people drinking alcohol and causing anti-social behaviour, particularly at hotspots like Richmond Falls.

At a virtual event on Friday, September 17, which was opened by the Commissioner, Philip Allott said: “Alcohol has an impact on our emergency services, communities and businesses across North Yorkshire – but the most important impact it often has young people themselves, and their families and friends.

“I am determined we do all we can to tackle this problem and it needs an approach that brings together so many different people and organisations.

“From the shops who feel pressured to sell to underage drinkers, to schools and parents on the frontline in the efforts to educate young people, to police who have to pick up the pieces when drinking gets out of hand and fuels anti-social behaviour, violence and other crime.

“My Youth Commission has been working in schools for some time to try and encourage more understanding about the risks and we know young people are more likely to listen to other young people.

“The Community Alcohol Partnerships build on that and takes the support on offer to another level.”

More details about the scheme can be seen on the North Yorkshire Police website >>

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  1. Did you know. There is a little known law that allows a child from the age of 5 to drink in a public tavern under certain conditions, something to do with certain parts of the pub not allowed to buy it (obviously) or have it bought specifically for them. As far as I know the law has not been repealed yet.
    This was highlighted on the quiz show QI by Stephen fry.

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