Petition calls for more NHS dentists in Richmondshire

Photo: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

A campaign has been launched calling for more NHS dentists in Richmondshire by a woman waiting for two years for a place.

More than 200 people have already signed the petition calling for action from the Government.

It was launched by Richmondshire mum Ally Allingham, who says she has been on a waiting list for an NHS dentist or two years.

She said: “I desperately need my own teeth seeing to and my children need their checkups.

“I figured I’d try do something about it even if it doesn’t get me anywhere it’s better than doing nothing.

“We need more dental care options in the area and I’m hoping if we unite and speak up maybe the government could help provide us with suitable care, or it will at least broach the issue and bring it up to those who have the power to help.”

Dozens of people have backed the petition online and left their own comments on how the lack of provision has affected them.

One woman said she had been waiting four years for a space at an NHS dentist.

A man said he had been forced to take two of his own teeth out.

To sign the petition, click here.