Phone parking payment facility to be launched in Richmondshire

A new phone parking payment service is being launched in Richmondshire next month.

The district council is using the RingGo system in all its car parks from December 1.

RingGo allows motorists to pay to park by mobile phone, rather than having to touch a machine keypad, while paying to park by cash.

The district council says it is introducing the service without a convenience fee – the basic price for paying by mobile phone costs the same as using cash at a machine.

However, optional text messages, which alert users when their parking is running out and/or provide confirmation of the parking session, are charged on top of the parking fee – users can opt in or out of this service.

“We are recommending that motorists use RingGo as the quickest, safest way to pay to park in our district,” said council spokesperson, Councillor Philip Wicks.

“And to encourage users to use it we have set the cost of using RingGo to be equal to paying by cash – we are covering the normal convenience fee.

“We are pleased to be rolling out mobile phone payments across our car parks, using the UK’s leading solution in parking apps.

“Our main priority must be to safeguard our residents and visitors, offering them safe, simple options as they travel.

“We very much hope it will be a popular service, as most people nowadays carry and use a mobile phone.”

Motorists have a choice of ways to pay.

The most popular is via the RingGo app, which can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Users that don’t have a smartphone can book their parking by calling, sending a text message, or paying online.

They may need to pre-register in order to use the service.

Anyone that has never previously used RingGo can download the app and register their details, or go to and complete the registration online.