PHOTOS: Brompton-on-Swale’s inaugural scarecrow festival

Photo: Nicola Harris.

Brompton-on-Swale’s first scarecrow festival has been embraced by the village during lockdown.

Scarecrows have popped up across the village, with Donald Trump, soldiers new mums and star cyclists among the creations.

The festival was launched by Jo Young, who runs the village shop.

Jo will judge the winning scarecrow on Saturday.

Maps of the village are available from the village shop for £1.

Money raised will go to the village primary school and the Open Pantry scheme.

Photo: Denise Nickling.
Charlie and Alfie’s stormtrooper. Photo: Katy Hollins.
Photo: Mick McCormack.
Mary Poppins. Photo: Debi Vickers.
Farmer Giles. Photo: Linda Coulton.
Photo: Emma Simpson.
Brenda Wiggins the scarecrow. Photo:
Zoe Burrows-Egan.
Photo: Nicola Harris.
Doris the scarecrow. Photo: Emma Broadhurst.


Jacob with his scarecrows outside St Paul’s Church. Photo: Yvonne Callaghan.
Photo: Rachel Craggs.
Photo: Dawn Garcia.
Betty the scarecrow. Photo: Catherine Convery-Brown.
Mother, doctor and baby scarecrows. Photo: Kathy Bryan.
Thomas and Oscar Wallace’s scarecrow. Photo: Kellie Wallace.
A golfing scarecrow. Photo: Helen Price.
Photo: Sarah Morrice.