PHOTOS/VIDEO: Surprise for students at Richmond School Year 11 Prom

It was a night to remember for the students at Richmond School’s Year 11 Prom, with all the glamour, glitz and pizzazz of the Moulin Rouge, stunning dresses, sharp, swanky suits and bags of fun.

However, it was a surprise for the students that made this night extra special.

Staff had been working behind the scenes to create the eagerly-awaited leavers’ video and the germ of a idea took shape and quickly turned into reality – the final scene of the video would be filmed live, on stage, at the Prom.

The film was choreographed by lead dance teacher, Danni Fox, with headteacher Jenna Potter, stepping up to the lead role, supported by a team of staff who danced, juggled, hula-hooped, can-canned and cart-wheeled for the interpretation of The Greatest Showman.

The video was directed by Sam Weston, lead learning manager, and Emma Dunwoodie, assistant headteacher.

The filming was in the professional and creative hands of  Adam Boulton-Lear, lead teacher of  Media Studies, with editing, culminating in the daring live finale, which totally stunned the 201 Year 11 Prom-goers.

Sam Weston said: “Staff have put  a huge amount of hard work into the video, practising in their own time to perfect the routines. Their dedication has been amazing and shows how much they respect and value the students to make their last few hours at Richmond School unforgettable.”

Once the excitement from the live performance died down it quickly built up again for the Prom Awards.

Students were nominated by staff for awards that were based around the school’s values of creativity, excellence, independence, respect, resilience and teamwork.

In addition, a special accolade was awarded for Sports Personality of the Year, won by Josh Coburn, who has secured a scholarship with Middlesbrough Football Club.

Jenna Potter, headteacher, said: “The Prom was a superb, celebratory evening for our students and the staff were honoured to make it even more special for them.

“I have never heard of a school including live footage of the Prom within a leavers’ video, it was a fabulous yet risky undertaking, but the result was incredible and I am so proud of everyone for pulling it off in such style.”

Watch the video here: