Pick up after your pet plea from council chiefs

Richmondshire pet owners are being urged to pick up after their pets and where possible take the waste home.

With the prospect of possible reduced collections of dog waste bins as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, and the associated redeployment of staff, the council is keen not to see bins overflowing and waste not picked up.

“As everyone is being urged to get out for their daily exercise we are seeing an increase in dog walkers in the district’s urban areas,” said Colin Dales, corporate director.

“We urge dog walkers to clean up after their pets and take the waste home if their local bin is full.

“We are still be patrolling our open spaces and warn those caught not picking up that a fine could follow.”


  1. They have stopped emptying dog waste bins in Darlington and bags are just pileing up next to the bins!

  2. Typical snowflake selfish dog owners who do not have the basic common sense to work out that in the current situation they need to take their poo bags home and not leave them next to a bin that is quite obviously no longer being emptied for very obvious reasons.

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