Plan for Catterick Garrison memorial to remember fallen

An artist's impression of the memorial at Camp Centre Roundabout.

A plan has been announced to create a memorial in Catterick Garrison to remember those who have lost their lives while fighting for their country.

Lieutenant Colonel Joe Jordan, the commander of Catterick Garrison, has come up with plan for the memorial, which would be built on the Camp Centre Roundabout.

The memorial would feature four stone carved statues created by Leyburn-based Calvert Architectural Stonemasons.

These would feature:

  • A World War One train engine
  • A statue of Baden Powell
  • A statue of a World War One Tommy
  • A statue of a Royal Flying Corps pilot

Around the railway line there will be the shape of a poppy where poppies will be planted, while on the railway line there will be two ‘there but not there’ Tommies – metal silhouettes which have become a symbol of the fallen.

The commander said: “In the year of the 100th Armistice, I want to have a lasting memorial in the Garrison to remember the fallen.

“Believe it or not the biggest Garrison in the UK does not have such a memorial.

“My plan is to turn what we call the Camp Centre Roundabout into a befitting and lasting tribute.”

The garrison was created by Baden Powell to train soldiers for the First World War.

It started with 2,000 billets been built to accommodate 40,000 soldiers.

The camp centre roundabout was initially the train turntable that allowed the trains to come into the Garrison drop off soldiers and stores for training, pick up trained soldiers and ammunition and send them to war.

The commander said: “The project looks to capture the history of this and I am looking to have the project completed to unveil and bless on Sunday the 11th November 2018.

“As you can imagine, to deliver such a project is not cheap and I am looking at various funding streams including the AF Covenant, the local council, raffles, donations and sponsors.”

If you would like to donate to the memorial, their are buckets in the Catterick Garrison Tesco Store or if you would prefer you can make a donation by cheque made payable to Catterick Garrison Central Bank and sent to Tracey Clark, PA to Commander, HQ Catterick Garrison, Peronne House, Perrone Lines, Catterick Garrison, DL9 3JS.

Donations can also be made online by clicking here.