Plan submitted to turn florist’s shop into tea room

Finkle Street in Richmond. Photo: Bill Harrison.

Permission is being sought to turn a Richmond florist’s shop into a cafe.

The application submitted to Richmondshire District Council would see The Flower Studio in the town’s Finkle Street become The Little Drummer Boy Tea Room.

Applicants Gary and Dawn Spence have applied to the council for change of use permission.

The applicants say the business will use local produce where possible and will employ up to 12 people.

They say it will have disabled access and toilets, with the applicants stating that no other cafe and tea rooms in the town centre have these facilities.

The tea room colour scheme will be based on The Green Howards uniform.

The applicants are from Durham where they have previously run a cafe in the city centre.

Documents submitted with the plans state that £70,000 will be invested in the business to get it up and running.

The applicants add: “Our theme has been carefully chosen to reflect the culture and history of Richmondshire and Yorkshire.

“The Little Drummer Boy Tea Room will be the chosen name of the business. We are also incorporating a theme based on The Green Howard, we will use our colour schemes and display of artwork which illustrates these two important heritage statements of North Yorkshire.

“We are also inviting local artists to display art within our premises which will relate to these themes.

“Local produce and local suppliers have been a primary focus of our set up business, using the produce in our everyday menus and special boards will be implemented daily.

“We have also incorporated a trade counter to sell a wide range of local Yorkshire products to customers. We will be firmly displaying in a primary location to attract custom from the high street into our shop.”

A supporting statement has been submitted by Jean Tock, from The Flower Studio.

She says she has found that the demand for regular high quality flowers does not generate the income necessary to sustain the high overheads on the large shop.

She added: “Richmond is very much a tourist destination with it’s unique character and history, it’s regular market, Christmas market, annual Whit fair and Richmond Live, but none of these lend themselves to increasing retail florist sales, in fact it tends to have the opposite effect.”

The florist says she will continue to run the business from a rural unit.

For more details on the application click here.


  1. Not another tearoom! Surely we have enough already what we need are more useable shops.

  2. Why?
    We have tea rooms and eateries aplenty in Richmond.
    More quality shops are what we really need.

  3. Supply and demand determine the type of shops we get in Richmond. Far better to have another Tea Room than to have an empty shop. If there was a demand for toys or clothes, then someone would step in and open a toy or a clothes shop. The fact is that the likes of Amazon and general internet shopping has killed off many retail shops, but the internet can’t supply cups of tea and cake and service with a smile. Good luck to the Spences I say. Nice to see new businesses wanting to open up in the town.

  4. A cup of tea offers a vital break between charity shops.
    Perhaps the answer is a charity shop that sells tea.

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