Planners approve new housing development in Preston-under-Scar

The site of the proposed houses in Preston-under-Scar.

Plans for six houses in Preston-under-Scar have been approved despite concerns the scheme is too big.

The scheme will include two affordable houses.

An earlier application for the development of the site to the east of the village near Rose Cottage was rejected in 2006.

But councillors were told by the applicant’s agent on Wednesday evening that the earlier application was thrown out for design reasons which had been addressed in the new plans.

However, the parish council still objected to the scheme.

It said that six houses were too many for the site and risked unbalancing the east end of the village.

Fewer houses would have been viewed more sympathetically, the authority said.

The council said the new housing would also impact on highway safety and there was insufficient parking.

The council said: “We object on the grounds of over-development.

“The construction of six new houses on the small site landscape setting of this part of the village.”

Ward councillor John Amsden said the scheme should be refused as it would “stick out like a sore thumb”.

He added: “This will look like a semi-housing estate at the end of the village.

Cllr Lorraine Hodgson also said she thought there were too many houses.

But Cllr Jamie Cameron said it was a “cracking” place for housing.

He said it would have been better if the application was for just one big house but he still backed the scheme.

He added: “I don’t think it will suit the people of Preston and they have my sympathy but I will be supporting it.”

Six councillors voted in favour while two voted against.