Planners to examine Coverdale 5G mast proposal

Planners will look at an application for a controversial 5G mobile phone mast in Coverdale next month.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority says it has received a small number of applications from mobile technology providers to erect phone masts in Coverdale as part of a Government-funded trial to support the development of future rural connectivity in areas that have no mobile coverage.

The authority said applications were being dealt with on a case-by-case basis, with one for the installation of a 17m wooden utility pole with mobile communications antenna and equipment cabinet in West Scrafton set to be considered by the Authority’s planning committee on February 9.

Julie Martin, chair of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Planning Committee, said:“ The majority of planning applications – around 90% – are usually dealt with by officers, in line with our planning policies.

“However, given the public interest in this application, we felt it important that this should be considered by the committee and discussed publicly so the arguments for and against can be heard.

“We would add that, as a local planning authority, we can only consider the design and siting of masts, not the technology itself.

“We would therefore encourage anyone with an interest in this application – and the decision-making process itself – to watch the meeting live on Tuesday 9 February at 1pm on the Authority’s website or on the Authority’s You Tube Channel later that evening.”

The plans to trial 5G technology in Coverdale have proved controversial with a campaign group formed to fight the test.

Objectors say the technology is unsafe and untested.