Plans drawn up for large industrial development off Catterick A1(M) junction

The location of the proposed development.

Plans are being drawn up for a large industrial development off the A1(M) Catterick junction.

Developers have applied to Richmondshire District Council to ask whether an environmental impact assessment would be needed if they submitted a planning application for the scheme.

The proposal is for a large industrial unit and four smaller units on fields south and west of Catterick Road and west of A1(M), which would total 774,000 sq ft of industrial space

A further plot containing five units amounting to 160,000 sq ft is proposed to the west of Catterick Road.

Supporting documents state that access to the larger site would be from the A6055, as junction 52 of the A1(M) is
located at the south eastern corner of the site giving direct access to the A1(M).

The smaller of the two sites would be accessed off Catterick Road.

“It is therefore clear the combined sites comprise a prime and sustainable location for the proposed industrial development, benefitting from excellent connectivity to the strategic road network,” the documents add.

The application has been submitted on behalf of developers Eshton Castlevale.

Agents for the applicants state that they believe an environmental impact assessment (EIA) is not needed.

They conclude: “This Screening Opinion Request has undertaken a review of the likely environmental effects associated with the proposed development for industrial (use class E/B2/B8) development on 2 parcels of land north of the A6055, bisected by Catterick Road and west of A1(M).

“Based on the review, it is considered that any potential effects arising from the development could be suitably assessed through the technical reports submitted as part of the planning application.

“Therefore, taking into account the merits of the proposal it is concluded there are no likely significant environmental effects either individually or cumulatively, which would warrant the requirement for an EIA in respect of the proposed development.”

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  1. This development should incorporate a new entrance roundabout on the road junction leading to Catterick Bridge, as this junction is dangerous to exit when turning right from Catterick Bridge, when the heavy traffic is leaving Catterick Garrison at about 4pm heading for the A1.

  2. Another industrial estate eyesore. You dont mention the increased lorties, blockades to local roads access when queing,lorries parked up on sides of roads blocking and forcing drivers to go across lanes to pass. Not to mention light pollution from over the top number of lights installed over the area. One only has to look at exelby services/leeming industrial estate to experience the light pollution seen from afar. Effects on local wildlife cleared from their habitats and subsequent light pollution radiating is clear to see. Someone is making a tidy sum pushing these plans thru with no enviromental checks per se.

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