Plans drawn up for new filling station on A66 at Mainsgill

The entrance to Mainsgill Farm.

Plans have been drawn up for a new fuel station on the A66 at Mainsgill Farm.

An outline planning application for the filling station have been submitted to Richmondshire District Council.

The six-pump station would be built in a field beside the A66 near the existing Mainsgill farm shop and cafe.

The applicants say the scheme two additional full-time jobs and one new part-time job.

Several people have written to the council to object against the scheme.

One local resident said the development would cause further traffic hold-ups.

She added: “The constant accidents at Mainsgill and the Ravensworth turn off are terrible. People are losing their lives

“There is a perfectly good petrol station at Scotch Corner. The last thing we need is more traffic, causing more accidents, affecting more lives.”

Another added: “The access is just totally unsuitable from the extremely busy and dangerous trunk road. If fuel tankers are allowed to turn in and out of this entrance , there is catastrophic incident waiting to happen.”

For more details on the application click here.



  1. Stupid idea they have no thought on how much chaos they will bring to the junction its a nightmare now 😞😞😞

  2. This is not a suitable place for a filling station. Unless, the permission includes mandatory roundabouts and a completely new filtering and roadway access and egress.
    As it stands Mainsgill traffic adds significantly to the congestion and potential for accidents. Mainsgill is a private concern, with traffic turning both left and right across oncoming traffic.
    This must be addressed also to avoid crossing oncoming traffic, therefore are Mainsgill going to pay for significant road reconfiguration, including traffic lights and or a roundabout.

  3. I think it is fantastic news we will be able to fill up at a reasonable price and fast charge points for electric cars not to mention the employment opportunity’s created for local people it gets my vote

  4. This is MADNESS ! It’s a nightmare now trying to get out of Mainsgill on one of the busiest roads in the area . There are accidents on the A 66 with monotonous regularity and a petrol station will take yet more lives or leave more people with injuries . Once more profit comes before safety .

  5. Completely no way, the amount of accidents on that road is rediculase no more distractions needed on that stretch.

  6. A terrible idea. What should be happening at Mainsgill is finding a solution to the terrible accidents that happen there almost weekly not adding to the problem.

  7. Are they mad…. it’s hard enough travelling from Scotch Corner to Newsham as it is. Someone as not thought this through at all

  8. Fantastic idea, reasonably priced fuel instead if extortionate prices as in scotch corner, mainsgill is a problem with entry onto a66, all it needs is a set of sensed traffic lights, gets my vote.

  9. Ridiculous and dangerous. Unnecessary there is a great cheap petrol station on the old A1 aprox 1 mile from Scotch Corner towards Brompton. Mainsgill want to take more money anyway they can!

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