Plans for 145 new homes in Brough St Giles set to be approved

An artist's impression of the development.

Planning officers are recommending that plans for 145 new homes in Brough St Giles are approved  — despite concerns about the impact of the additional houses on local roads.

A full planning application has been submitted for the development on fields off Cookson Way.

The plans are for 102 two, three and four bedroom properties which will be available to buy at market rates.

A further 43 ‘affordable’ properties would be built for both rent and discounted purchase.

An outline planning application for 107 homes has already been approved.

Documents submitted with the plans state that developer Berkeley DeVeer believes there is an “opportunity to prepare alternative proposals for 150 dwellings which can deliver additional benefits for the local authority”.

The proposed layout of the earlier scheme for the 107 homes.

The documents state: “By following an established set of design principles, the scheme blends a variety of dwelling types with good permeability, strong links to public transport, safe and secure access to public open space and a good variety of built form which is reflective and complimentary to the existing built form within the locality.

“These elements will ensure the creation of a pleasant environment to live.”

The homes would be build on land to the east of Brough St Giles.

But Colburn Town Council said in its response to the scheme that it would not support further development until a relief road is included under the updated local plan proposals.

It added: “We are aware that this area does not fall within the Garrison Masterplan but 150 houses will create a substantial amount of additional car journeys which will affect the residents of Colburn.”

The district council has also received 35 objections from the public to the scheme.

A number of concerns were raised, including claims the local roads were already over capacity and a comment that the sewerage pumping station has had serious problems over the last five years.

It was stated that the development had no provision for older people and there was also a lack of provision for children with a play area “stuck in the corner”.

It was also suggested the new layout was very “grid-like and regimented”.

Despite the objections, the development is recommended for approval.

The application will be discussed by Richmondshire councillors on February 2.

To view the report to councillors ahead of the meeting click here.


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  1. Can they not see sense? There is only one entry in and out for over 200 properties already and it gets backed up, what will it be like with getting on for 400 properties? The road into the garrison gets backed up from 07:45 till 8:30 with traffic moving at a snails pace. The previous estimate of only 22 additional journeys into garrison is ridiculous and that was for 102 homes. There are not the local amenities doctors dentists etc to deal with an additional 143 families never-mind the already agreed 220 at Somme barracks area. Not that it bothers me as I moved almost 6 months ago but surely someone has to see some kind of sense and not just the lining their pockets kind of sense either.

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