Plans for house near Wensleydale village pub recommended for refusal

The plans are for a paddock near the Bolton Arms pub.

Planners are recommending that a fresh proposal for a new house near a village pub should be rejected.

An application has been submitted for a two-bedroom house in a former paddock off Hargill Lane, Redmire.

Previous applications for development on the site have already been rejected or withdrawn by the applicant.

Redmire Parish Council has raised concerns that the application could set a precedent for development outside the village development limits.

Councillors are also concerned about the impact on the nearby Bolton Arms and the affect on already-limited parking in the area.

The council said in a statement: “Redmire Parish Council objects to this planning proposal as it is wholly outside of the village development limits.

“There have been other recent applications which have fallen outside of the limits and if this is allowed to continue the character of the village will be completely changed. This proposal is situated in valuable green space  where it will be visible from a number of public places.

“This proposal will cause a loss of amenity to the residents of No.1 Hargill Court and to customers of the Bolton Arms, potentially reducing their business.”

On the impact on the pub, the council said: This is a very popular pub with limited onsite parking. During busy periods customers are forced to use roadside parking which often renders this stretch of road as single carriageway.

“Safe visibility for access to the proposed dwelling will not be maintained.”


The proposed location of the house.

The application is due to be discussed by councillors on January 5.

A report prepared ahead of the meeting by planning officers recommends the application is rejected.

It concludes: ” The proposed development would have a significant adverse impact on the amenity of 1 Hargill Court through an unreasonable physical impact and loss of light to property and garden resulting in an overbearing impact and unreasonable loss of amenity currently enjoyed by this property in both the conservatory and the garden and patio.”

It adds: “Furthermore, whilst the Highway Authority have raised no objections because the proposal would not affect safety on the public highway, the narrowness of the access road, its curve, length and lack of visibility from one end to the other, and restricted amount of land available for use in connection with the proposed dwelling, would result in cars entering and leaving the site without being able to see other
vehicles at the opposite end of the access.

“This would result in vehicles backing up and pulling over due to difficulties manoeuvring within the site which would cause additional noise and disturbance and loss of amenity and safety to neighbours and both vehicular and pedestrian users of this access.

“This would not be a sustainable development in overall terms because of the significant adverse impacts on neighbour amenity and the proposal would not therefore deliver sustainable development.”

For more details on the application click here.

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  1. It’s amazing how planners and councillors have come up with all these objections to one 2 bedroomed house! All these and more were strongly raised in West Witton by a number of residents, all ignored or told were not considered justification for refusing planning and look where it got us. Planning passed for 17 houses stuck on the end of the village, blocks my view. There will be a huge increase in traffic, noise, light pollution etc. Funny how planners work to different rules when it suits.

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