Plans for paintballing range in Ravensworth submitted

Plans have been submitted for a paint-balling range near Ravensworth.

The application submitted to Richmondshire District Council is for a change of use of land to the west of the village.

A small play fort is proposed, along with temporary movable objects, a parking area and reception building.

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The plans have been submitted by J Botham, with the application address that of former England cricketer and Ravensworth resident Ian Botham.

Documents submitted by agents Maria Ferguson Planning Consultants state that the land has been used for paint-balling twice a month for a number of years.

They say: “Planning permission is sought for the change of use of the land for paint-balling.

“This includes the use of an existing hard-standing for car parking, and the erection of a timber reception building.

“A small fort is to be provided. Aside from this, no structures are proposed but straw bales and tyres will be used to provide moveable enclosures / hides to facilitate the use.”

The site will operate at weekends only, with participants meeting at the site between 8.30am and 9am.

Paint-balling would start at 10am with all activities stopping at around 5pm.

The documents say that the structures would not be visible from nearby houses.

“The development will not have a harmful impact on the living conditions of occupiers of nearby houses by way of noise or visual impact,” the documents state, with the applicant willing for a condition preventing activities taking place at the site
between the hours of 6pm and 8.30am to be added if necessary.

One person has objected to the plans.

Ravensworth resident Thomas Osorio said: “This is inappropriate development for this location.

“The land is currently open, with few trees or natural cover, so for the proposed use, will require many unsightly additional structures on open land and inevitably litter in the general fighting area.

“When in use, paint-balling understandably and unavoidably leads to loud shouting and general noise, which may be extremely disturbing to local residents and school children using the outside play area of the school.”

They add that their is already two paint-balling venues nearby and neither is very busy.

No date has been set for when the plans will be decided.