Plans submitted for 127 houses in Leyburn

The location of the proposed Leyburn housing development.

Plans have been submitted 127 houses on the edge of Leyburn.

An application has been submitted to Richmondshire District Council for the development off the town’s Moor Road at Hill Top Farm by Yorvik Homes.

The site has already been earmarked for development in the local plan.

A mix of different sized housing is planned, including 40 two-bed houses, 44, three bed-houses, 19 four-bed houses, 12 two-bed bungalows and one three-bed bungalow.

A vehicle access is planned via Moor Road, with a separate pedestrian access to and from Leyburn town centre via Thornborough Hall.

Of the 127 houses planned, 36 are proposed to be classified as ‘affordable’.

Documents submitted with the plans state that three areas of open spaces are included in the scheme, with one proposed as a children’s play areas and the other two designated as suitable for ‘informal recreation’.

These areas are for use by the public, including those not living on the new development.

Two stone barns on the site would be kept, as would existing boundary trees.

The proposed layout of the housing scheme.

A public consultation on provisional plans for 166 homes on the site was held in Leyburn in 2018.

A number of concerns were raised including the lack of a footpath to the site from the town centre along Moor Road, the lack of space at the town’s schools and the impact on parking in the town.

Local residents were worried about the impact of the scheme on the towns drainage system.

Planning documents state that suitable provision can be made for surface water and foul water drainage.

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  1. Interesting to see the formal planning application has been made public on May 7 with a deadline for comments on May 29. Under the current lockdown there are no opportunities for the promised public consultations (promises made by Yorvik and RDC). The Richmondshire Today article suggests all the issues raised by Yorvik’s initial presentation at the Bolton Arms in August 2018, and their hastily arranged presentation to Leyburn Town Council in November 2019, have been addressed. I beg to differ and it is a travesty of local democracy to allow this planning application to proceed on the current timescale.

  2. What about the effect on medical provision for residents? The only practice in town can`t cope as it is since it opened another branch at the garrison.

    • The government “requirement” is for 40% of new houses to be affordable. In this case it should be 50 affordable homes. However, developers can argue for fewer affordable houses if providing the full amount would have an adverse effect on their profit margin. Ridiculous but true. New developments should be built to meet the needs of the local community, not the profit margins of the developers.

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