Full plans drawn up for controversial Catterick Village housing scheme

The entrance to the proposed housing development site in Catterick Village

A full planning application has been submitted for nine houses on land in Catterick Village.

The development on land off High Green was widely opposed when the outline planning application was submitted and approved by Richmondshire councillors in 2017.

The scheme would include five four-bedroom homes and four five bedroom properties.

The plans have been drawn up by developer Stonebridge.

Supporting documents submitted with the plans state: “The proposals provide a mix of 4 and 5 bedroom family homes.

“They are detached properties of a high quality with attractive gardens which suit this rural setting.”

The papers add: “The scheme provides a well landscaped development which responds to the character and context of the site and local area.

“Existing vegetation is retained along all boundaries and existing stone walls defining the site boundaries
are retained and enhanced within the site.

“Private green areas abut the public route defining the space between public and private areas and improving the schemes character.”

The original outline planning application for the scheme was passed in December 2017, despite significant objections from local residents.

The objections included the loss of a community space, that vehicles accessing the site would be a danger to pedestrians and horse riders, that luxury properties were not needed and that there was already plans for new housing in the village.

Click here to view the planning application.


  1. Whilst 4/5 bedroom houses will have a certain market the NEED is not at this end and always developers change the plans to crush more homes onto less space. In every case there must be SUPPORT SERVICES, access roads, green amenity areas and strict control.

  2. Despite the many objections (not to development in the village, but to the use of this particular space), the council approved the plans subject to 40% affordable housing being provided. Yet here the final plans are with no affordable housing at all. I wonder if our new council will pass it anyway, like the old one did the outline plans, disregarding local concerns about road safety and loss of amenity space. The site plan looks very nice, this field isn’t the right place for it.

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