Plans submitted for new Risedale College sports pavilion

An artist's drawing of the new pavilion.

Plans have been submitted for a new sports pavilion at Risedale College after the previous building was destroyed in an arson attack.

A two-storey modular building using metal shipping containers is planned with two sets of changing rooms for pupils, as well as toilets and storage.

The pavilion will be built in the same place as the previous wooden structure on the Jaffa in Hipswell.

Architects behind the plans say they are aiming to use the destruction of the old pavilion as an opportunity upgrade the school’s facilities.

Documents submitted with the plans state: “This application is to replace that existing unit, but at the same time taking the opportunity to provide better facilities.

“As part of this process we are looking to create a batter facility on a similar footprint with security protection around the perimeter.”

The new pavilion will use the previous wooden building’s water and drainage connections.

The pavilion is being paid for by the school but the land is owned by the MoD.

The previous pavilion was destroyed in an arson attack in April last year.


The Risedale pavilion which was destroyed by fire.