Plans submitted to redevelop crumbling Dales water mill into flats and visitor centre

Scaffolding on Yore Mill.

Plans have been submitted to convert a crumbling former water mill into flats and a visitor centre.

A planning application for the redevelopment at Yore Mill at Aysgarth Falls also proposes to install a hydro-electricity plant within the building.

Documents submitted with the plans to the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority say a new future needs to be agreed urgently for the building as the roof has now collapsed inwards.

The applicants say that any further damage could mean the redevelopment of the Grade II listed building was not viable.

The plans would see the building converted into two flats to be sold, six holiday flats and a manager’s flat

There would also be a visitor centre on the ground floor, with the potential for shops and other business uses.

The building is owned by local business woman Ann Kiely however the plans have been submitted by developer Dave Peacock, who has agreed to buy the building if planning permission is acquired.

It is understood the lack of sufficient parking at the site has prompted the county council’s highways department to oppose the scheme.

However, the applicant says he is looking at possible solutions including the construction of a car park to the south west of the mill.

The applicant is urging planners to approve the scheme without the issue of car parking being fully resolved.

Photos of the mill’s roof taken in August.

A supporting document submitted with the plan states: “The urgency of securing the long-term sustainable future for this building at risk has increased as the roof has now collapsed inwards, with the attendant risk of further damage to the structure which may render the scheme to rescue the building unviable.”

It adds: “The potentially protracted negotiations that would be required to secure additional land, alongside the
cost of this will further put the building ‘at risk’ and a partnership approach to secure its future is best way to achieve this end.”

Plans for a bar/restaurant and bunk house have been removed from the proposal as they would require additional car parking.

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