Police and Army set up checkpoints to stop unnecessary journeys

Inspector Mark Gee stops traffic in Leyburn.

Police and the Army carried out spot checks in Richmondshire today to ensure restrictions on movement during the  coronavirus outbreak were not being broken.

Checkpoints operated in Catterick Garrison and Leyburn.

North Yorkshire Police worked with the Royal Military Police to stop drivers and ask them about their journey.

The Government has ordered the public not to leave their homes unless to get vital provisions or to go to and from work.

However, villagers in the Dales have complained about the number of visitors who have descended on the area since the restrictions were put in place.

Residents are worried they will bring the virus with them and put a strain on food supplies and local NHS services.

Inspector Mark Gee, from Richmondshire neighborhood policing team, said they had stopped motorists who had come to the district from as far as Teesside and Lancashire.

He added: “Road checkpoints in Richmondshire will continue at random places and at random times to ensure that drivers are adhering to the rules and to keep our communities safe.

“Getting in your car and going to exercise elsewhere is unacceptable and putting people’s lives at risk.

“Today we have seen people from as far away as Middlesbrough and Lancashire coming for a day out and that is not acceptable.

“That is putting local communities at risk — people be staying at home.”

Insp Gee thanked local residents for their understanding about the checkpoints.



  1. They should check out Tesco at 0600hrs in the morning! Bet there not all from this area !

  2. Good to see these steps being put into place just a shame that it has had to happen. I would like to ask if and when the Police are going to start Policing the Builders whom are coming from outside our local community the work on a BB extension next door to where I live? Three transit vans are continuing to turn up on a daily basis, the owners of the property should be fined for allowing them to continue to work! Please stay safe and STOP risking other people’s lives by being selfish. The sooner you stop the sooner we can hopefully begin to recover from this dreadfully worrying time.

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