Police appeal after altercation involving ice cream vans in Catterick Garrison

Photo: Distillated/Flickr

Police are appealing for information after an altercation involving ice cream vans in Catterick Garrison.

The incident happened in the town’s Mons Close yesterday afternoon.

According to witnesses, one driver was carrying a metal bar.

It is claimed a van had to drive onto the verge after being blocked in by another van.

There were also reports of the drivers shouting obscenities at each other.

Ian Pritchard, from Darlington-based Ian’s Ices, confirmed there had been altercation between one of his vehicles and another ice cream van in Catterick Garrison yesterday which resulted in his van being damaged.

But he played down the seriousness of the altercation, describing comments about the incident on social media as “Chinese whispers”.

It is understood that since lockdown restrictions were eased, several vans have been visiting the same estates in the town, often soon after each other.

One resident commented that the vans had been coming so often that even her children were sick of hearing their music.

Another local resident said: “They came on to our estate at the same time.. was kinda bizarre watching them both drive round it together and playing both their music together.”

Other parents said they had even resorted to telling their children that the music from the ice cream vans meant they had sold out.

A police spokeswoman said: “Police received report of an altercation in Catterick Garrison shortly before 5pm on Thursday 21 May.

“The incident had happened at around 3.30pm on Mons Close and involved three drivers of three different ice cream vans.

“One of the drivers felt threatened by the other drivers and so drive off quickly from the scene. Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to contact police.”

All food retailers, including ice cream vans, need to be registered with the district council, but the council does not run a street trading consent system meaning there are no restrictions on where the vans can trade.