Police break up large party in Wensleydale village

Police broke up a party in a Wensleydale village attended by a “large number of people” at the weekend.

A number of fixed penalty notices for breaching lockdown regulations were issued, including one to the host of the party near Aysgarth.

North Yorkshire Police said they received a report at 9.30pm on Friday of a suspected breach of the coronavirus health regulations.

Ten cars were reported to be parked outside a property near the village.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: “Officers attended and found loud music playing and a large number of people in attendance at the property.

“Fixed penalty notices were issued to a number of attendees and to the party host.”

According to one source, around 40 people attended the event, with several running away when police arrived.


  1. Very interesting reading to Aysgarth residents and communities in the area alas, we are unaware of such an incident in the village and have been unable to find anyone who has heard about the occurrence. Perhaps you could be more specific in your report so residents are not needlessly worrying.

  2. Thought nice law abiding citizens lived in Aysgarth, obviously there are some mindless morons there. Disgusting!!

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