Police cadets help tackle speeding problem in Richmond

Photo: North Yorkshire Police.

Volunteer police cadets took part in a police operation to tackle speeding vehicles in Richmond at the weekend

The cadets joined special constables to help support Richmondshire Neighbourhood Policing Team on Saturday.

The team deployed to Darlington Road in Richmond after concerns about speeding drivers were raised by local residents.

PC Ross Moralee said: “There are often reports from residents and pupils about speeding on that road, so this was an opportunity to help us tackle the issue.
“On the day we spoke to several motorists and gave them words of advice in relation to speeding. One driver was also reported for having no MOT.”

Residents can report concerns about speeding in their area through our speed management protocol: https://northyorkshire.police.uk/…/community-speed-watch/


  1. Fully support this. Great work everyone.

    Was really nice to see the activity on Saturday. Speeding on Darlington Road has become very noticeable with vehicles racing past, especially from around 7am.

  2. Totally agree, its about time something was done about the ‘speeders’ along Darlington Rd, I use it daily and always see at least 2 out of every 5 vehicles speeding on some part of this road,

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