Police called after cold callers return to Richmond

Police say they received further concerns about cold callers in Richmond last night.

Officers attended although they were unable to find the two males reported to be in the area.

PCSO Gayle Smith, from Richmondshire neighbourhood policing team, said police were concerned particularly about the time the men were making these calls.

She added: “A search of the surrounding streets was also conducted with no sightings.

“An officer attended the address where the call came from and also spoke to neighbours who were able to provide ring door bell footage of the males.

“The two males stated they worked for a charity and were looking to sign people up.”

Residents of Richmond, Catterick and Leyburn have reported concerns about cold callers in the last week.

Several men were moved on and dealt with for motoring offences in Leyburn last week.

Reports of callers wanting to buy vehicles have also been made.

If you have any concerns regarding door to door sellers/cold callers, call 101 or in an emergency 999.


  1. I keep getting car scrap people lurking around my house its happened a few times now.

  2. Simple solution, which should be obvious: don’t move them on, if they’ve committed an offence prosecute them!

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