Police called after complaints of doorstep sellers in Leyburn

Police say they have responded to reports of door to door sellers in Leyburn today.

Residents in the town said several young men were visiting homes in the Dale Grove area claiming to be ex-offenders.

A spokesperson for Richmondshire neighbourhood policing team said: “Whilst in Leyburn we received a number of calls about some cold callers who were causing some concern.

“We located these males along with their vehicle, and after a bit of lip from them dispersed them not only from Leyburn, but from the whole of North Yorkshire.

“The driver and occupants of the vehicle were also reported for a number of traffic offences.

“We probably wouldn’t have known the cold callers were out and about without calls from the public as we were engaged elsewhere. But thanks to you, the males were quickly located and sent on their way.”

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