Police called after stones thrown at shops in Colburn

The Broadway in Colburn.

Police have been called out this evening following reports of stones being thrown at shops in Colburn.

North Yorkshire Police sent officers to investigate the anti-social behaviour.

Police are asking parents if they know where their children are during the half-term holidays.

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Councillors have approved an order which will ban groups of youths from congregating in Colburn.

It is hoped the measures will reduce serious anti-social behaviour problems in the area.

The Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) will be in place around the Broadway shops area.

The order will give police and council officers the power to move groups on, fine them for unruly behaviour – and prevent certain activities.

In the last nine months there have been more than 200 reports of youths behaving in an anti-social way around the Broadway shops area, which has also affected Colburn Library, residents of local flats and the Colburn Business Park.



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  1. we are too quick to chastise children for high spirits and misbehaving just one question have they got a gang hut or recreation center to use if not there will always be problems

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