Police called to Tunstall after motorway traffic causes damage

Damaged caused in Tunstall by diverted traffic. Photo: Grace Cauldwell

Police were called to Tunstall last night after motorway traffic took a detour through the village.

Council officials are investigating after HGVs caused damage to verges and knocked over a wall.

One vehicle got stuck, causing long delays for other motorists.

Residents said there was “chaos” for several hours.

Despite the road through Tunstall not being on the diversionary route, traffic coming from the A1, which is being upgraded to motorway standard from Leeming to Barton, had been causing problems for several nights.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: “We were called to reports of highway disruption in Tunstall at around midnight.

“Police helped arrange the removal of an HGV that had become stuck.

“The blockage caused traffic to back up and police remained at the scene for several hours to get the road flowing freely again.”

A North Yorkshire County Council spokesman said: “We are aware of the damage caused to verges, which are not on the A1 diversion route, and are carrying out further investigations into the matter.’’

Richmondshire Today has requested a comment from Highways England but has not yet had a reply.