Police carry out evening of action in Colburn

Police attend a briefing before an operation. Photo: North Yorkshire Police.

North Yorkshire Police carried out an evening of action in Colburn last night.

The operation follows a spate of disorder in the town caused by a small number of youths.

Richmondshire and Hambleton special constables joined forces for the proactive exercise.

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Ten officers were on patrol in the Colburn and wider Catterick Garrison area to tackle anti-social behaviour and drugs use.

During the evening officers dispersed groups of youths and stopped vehicles.

Police were also called to a fight at McDonalds, with one person detained.

Over the last nine months there have been more than 200 reports of youths behaving in an anti-social way around the Broadway shops area in Colburn, which has also affected Colburn Library, residents of local flats and the Colburn Business Park.



  1. The police should also check parks all underage drinking and god knows what else took my grandchildren to shoot road park cups and cans ect all over place from night before colbirn park same as are prob all other ruins it for rhe little ones young enough to use the park

  2. It’s time for prosecutions and fines. If they can’t pay take it away. Someone is going to get hurt then the crying stsrtss

  3. Why doesn’t the local council do something for them to get them off the streets. Work with the kids and not against them

  4. Why doesn’t the local council do something for them instead of against them not a lot for kids to do in catterick

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