Police catch 90 speeding drivers in one evening

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Police caught 90 speeding drives in just one evening in a Richmondshire village.

The motorists were recorded driving over the 30mph limit in Barton yesterday evening.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe, from Richmondshire neighbourhood policing team, said that since the force started a crackdown on speeding drivers in the district in October, 1,909 had been caught.

He added: “I really believed we were sending the message out.

“However, last night we conducted a surprise operation in the Barton area and I am very disappointed to report back to you that we captured 90, yes 90 offences just last night in the 30mph limit.

“The two worst offenders were clocked driving at 54 and 56mph in the 30mph through the village, which is a total disgrace and clearly very dangerous.”

Inspector Metcalfe said most of the motorists were from outside the area.

“I will not give up on my quest to keep our roads as safe as I possibly can, so will continue to work with my team and other specialist units to target these irresponsible motorists for you.

“Although this operation was carried out in Barton, I have sent this to you all as we will be doing the same in other villages and identified areas of concern without warning, so please be aware of this and do not get caught out.

“I have given out enough warnings over the last six months and now is the time with the longer days having arrived to send out a clear message that speeding and dangerous motorists will not be tolerated in Richmondshire.”


  1. Excellent work and outcome, whilst in the Rural Villages please apply the same diligence to Inconsiderate and Illegal Parking which is prevalent giving the opportunity to another Revenue Stream of Fines!

  2. It applies in towns as well unfortunately. When the offending vehicle displays a company name I generally note the date, time, position and registration number and contact the company.

  3. Average fine £60 = £5400 revenue less a few stamps!!
    Statistically 90 criminals convicted
    Well it’s just a win win isn’t it!
    That should pay for a bit of rainbow paint for the new fleet!!

  4. Seeing as stationing an officer there isn’t effective, how about the money that has been gathered from the fines go towards effective traffic calming measures?
    The part of road in question is the very last, quiet stretch before national speed limit so seems to me an officer would be better stationed near the shop and school?

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