Police clamp down on speeding HGVs

Police in Moor Road, Leyburn.

Police say they are acting after receiving complaints of speeding HGVs in Leyburn.

Richmondshire Inspector Martin Metcalfe said they had also received reports of lorries with unreadable registration plates in the Moor Road area.

The officer said he had visited local businesses which use HGVs in the area to discuss the complaints.

He added: “I have raised your concerns and made it very clear that speeding in the Moor Road area will not be tolerated and there will be checks carried out.

“All three meetings were very productive and I was happy with their response to me turning up unannounced at their sites.

“Since then I have carried out checks and have been pleased to see registration plates are readable, plus have not seen any speeding HGV’s and I intend to carry out some more checks, both in a plain vehicle and a high visibility one.”

The police officer said he wanted to find a good location at the bottom of Moor Road to carry out checks.

He added: “If anyone would like to give me permission to use their drive or park outside their property, I would be most grateful.

“I can then target both ends of Moor Road which would be a lot better in my opinion, so please simply reply to this alert if you can assist.”

Call 101 and ask to speak to Insp Martin Metcalfe if you can help.